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(Saturday 18 de March 2017)


About us

U-tad (University Center for Digital Technologies and Arts) is pleased to announce the new U-League 2017 tournament. After the success of last year with the participation of 40 people, this year we want to be a little more ambitious and hold an official tournament with better prizes.


Like last year, U-tad will lend its facilities for the development of the tournament in which we enjoy a LoLing environment in all its splendor.


Tournament features

Server: EUW

Game Type: 5c5 Draft pick

Map: Summoner`s rift


Champion sellect: Recruitment mode (Selection of characters by turns and 3 previous bans per team).

        * The tournament system will be a direct elimination.
        * The semifinals and final will be played to the best of three.
        * The other games will be eliminatory to the best of one.
        * Random matching will be made by the organization.
        * We expect a participation of up to 15 teams in the tournament.
        * At least 5 players per team will be required, 6 maximum (1 reserve). If someone wants to participate individually, we will study the possibility of creating teams with random people.
        * In the case of an odd number of teams, a direct victory will be given to one of the teams at random, giving preference to teams formed with random people. The bracket will be similar to the scheme shown below:


Tournament rules

For the realization of this tournament, we will use the official regulation for tournaments of Riot Games, which can also be downloaded from the website of this event. In addition, we will add the following clarifications:
        1.  Choice of side (Red or blue): It will be decided at random (by a coin) in the eliminations of `the best of 1` and the first game of the eliminatory of `the best of 3`. In these last games, they will make turns.
        2.  Order of players: To facilitate the Streaming, it will be mandatory that the participants of each team are placed in the following order: Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc and Support. This does not necessarily mean that picks must follow this order.
        3.  Placeholders: The use of placeholders during the picks and bans phase will be allowed. They must be communicated immediately to the opposing team and to the referees.
        4.  Wait after the games: Players must wait 3 minutes before leaving the room after finishing the game due to the delay in spectator mode. Please keep silent after finishing each game to respect the rest of players who have not seen the end yet.
        5.  Equipment: The match will be played on equipment provided by the U-tad, although players will be allowed to use their own devices as long as they are plug & play (no need to install third-party programs). The university will not provide headphones or microphones, so players must bring their personal devices.
        6.  Communication: For the communication between the players will be used the program CurseVoice, reason why all the players will need a free account of Curse.>
        7.  Access: In principle the tournament will be closed only for students or older students of U-tad and an estimated 8 to 15 teams are estimated. Registration will be made through the League of Legends events web page. In case we take the decision to host external participants, we will give preference to U-tad alumni.


The tournament will be held on Saturday, March 18, 2017 and registration will be open from February 1 until one day before the tournament date.

The games will start at 9:30 AM and there will be small breaks of 5 or 10 minutes between matches, plus a 45 min - 1 hour lunch break. The semifinals and finals will take place in the afternoon.

* This rules may be subject to change.